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Hi, my name is Lori. I'm a Mom of 3, wife, Registered Nurse, and entrepreneur. I started the Carnivore diet July 2019.


My journey to carnivore has been a long one. I've been into nutrition and finding the optimal diet for my family and I since my oldest son was a baby (he is now an adult). At a very young age, my son  developed severe eczema and atopic dermatitis. As a mother, it's absolutely horrible to see your child suffer. So, over the years I've trialed my family on different diets in search of a way of eating that would help heal my son's skin.


In 2019, I started struggling with GI symptoms. Chronic constipation, painful gas, bloating, and indigestion were making me feel miserable. My husband started a Carnivore diet several months prior that resolved his eczema and regulated his bowel movements. He encouraged me to give it a try, but I resisted his advice for several weeks. I couldn’t wrap my head around not eating veggies! I just kept thinking, “I have been eating healthy and exercising the last 2 years, why do I feel so bad?”


Thankfully, I came around and decided to give Carnivore a chance! Within a few days of being on the diet, my bloating and gas were improved and I started to have regular bowel movements without the use of laxatives. I couldn't believe how quickly my symptoms started to resolve and I felt so much better. We are taught to believe that our bodies need fiber to have regular bowel movements, but this is not the case! Fiber was actually making my constipation worse.

This diet has given me freedom beyond what I could ever imagine! It’s not only healed my gut, but also improved my mental health and eliminated my sugar cravings and stress eating. Animal based nutrition along with routine exercise has allowed me to wean off my prescription medications for anxiety, depression, and migraines. I’ve taken these medications since I was a teen, and the side effects are horrible (insomnia, decreased libido, weight gain, grogginess). Being off them has changed my life!


Other benefits that I have seen are increased mental clarity, increased energy, improved performance in the gym, decreased body fat, increased strength, and muscle growth. I also have a better relationship with my husband because we support each other as we live this Animal Based Lifestyle.

Thank you for reading my story. I hope that it helps you or someone that you know who is struggling in the same way. Please reach out if you have any questions. Send me an email at Follow us on Social Media below.



If you are new to a Carnivore Diet or an  Animal Based Diet or looking for extra support, then consider joining my Carnivore for Life Group. You don't have to feel alone on a Carnivore diet. This group is to help people maintain a carnivore lifestyle long term for health and longevity. Click the link below to request access to the group!


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